What I Love About Being a Parent: Kellie Snyder

Throughout the month of April, I’m teaming up with my friend Jennifer Cooper of Classic Play to celebrate the joys of parenting. Consider it a prelude to Mother’s Day. We’ve asked some of our readers to share what they love most about parenting. Each week, we’ll hear from one of them. Today, my friend Kellie is sharing with us what she loves about being a parent.


Kellie says, “I love how different they all are. I love how even though they fight (a lot) their love for each other always comes out eventually. I love watching them growing up and becoming individuals with their own likes and dislikes, thoughts and ideas, and strengths and weaknesses. I love how they love me.”

Isn’t that one of the most humbling things about this parenting gig? The fact that these little people love us so much!

Don’t forget that Jennifer is running the series on her blog as well. See what her guest loves about being a parent, today on Classic Play!

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