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If you have a firearms business and are having trouble finding a merchant account for firearms friendly credit card processing, contact The Southern Institute. They gladly offer and approve merchant accounts for firearms related businesses with Federal Firearms Licenses. The Southern Institute understands the challenges firearms businesses face when applying for merchant accounts from many types of traditional financial institutions. The Southern Institute sees gun shops and other firearms business are legitimate companies that need merchant accounts.

A Fast, Simple Application Process

Getting your company a merchant account with The Southern Institute is simple. The process can be done in minutes over the phone or by visiting and filling out an application online. All you have to do is provide some basic information, state whether you sell firearms and if you have a Federal Firearms License. If you only sell firearms-related merchandise but no firearms, you don’t need a Federal Firearms License to open a merchant account with The Southern Institute. If you sell firearms, you must provide proof you have a Federal Firearms License to get one of The Southern Institute’s merchant accounts.

A Streamlined Merchant Account Application Process

The Southern Institute has a their streamlined merchant account application process. They eliminate the need for an unnecessarily long wait. Once you have a government issued picture ID, a valid business license and verifiable proof of address, it’s easy for your firearms business to have their merchant account application approved by The Southern Institute. They have one of the highest approval rates for gun related businesses. Plus, they respond to your application quickly and don’t draw out the application process unnecessarily.

Who Qualifies For A Merchant Account

Almost any type of firearms business can qualify for acceptance for merchant account services from The Southern Institute. Whether you simply sell belts, holsters and other accessories that are used with firearms or you are a Federal Firearms License holder and actually offer firearms for sale, it is possible to have The Southern Institute open a merchant account for your company. There’s no need to guess. Simply contact The Southern Institute today and begin the application process. In a flash your firearms company can have the merchant account that you need to better serve your customers.

Customized Merchant Accounts

Businesses in the firearms industry often require specialized merchant accounts to properly process unique payment methods from their diverse customer base. The team at The Southern Institute is able to create merchant accounts to meet the specific needs of individual firearms companies. Their many years of experience in the financial services industry and solid background working with companies in a number of high-risk industries has given the team at The Southern Institute the expertise it needs to be able to handle the customization of merchant accounts for firearms businesses.

A Variety Of Benefits

When firearms and firearms related businesses get their merchant accounts through The Southern Institute they can avail themselves of a wide range of important and valuable benefits. They include automatically get some of the financial services industry’s lowest processing fees and having the ability to open and upgrade their merchant accounts online or on the phone. Plus, they have access to top of the line customer service representatives. Another benefit is the customer service team is based in the United States and most of them are native English speakers. This makes communicating with them about your questions, requests and concerns faster and easier.

Handles Credit Card Processing With Ease

For many FFL’s and firearms businesses, finding companies willing and able to take care of their credit card processing can be a hassle. The fact that firearms sales are federally regulated and requires the credit card processors to do additional underwriting poses an issue for many financial services companies. Plus, the sale of firearms is a hotbed political issue with which banks and merchant service providers do not want their names to become entangled. At The Southern Institute, they support the Second Amendment and are willing to provide merchant accounts to any legitimate firearms-related company.

The Right Connections

The Southern Institute’s willingness to approve merchant account applications from companies that sell firearms and firearms accessories has enabled them to make some important connections. They have access to a network of credit card processors and banks that are comfortable doing business with businesses with Federal Firearms Licensees who legitimately sell firearms, firearms accessories and other firearms related merchandise. This enables The Southern Institute to provide stable firearms payment processing at low prices and without interruptions due to legislative concerns.

Easy Integration With Firearm Retailer Software

Yet another benefit gun related business will enjoy when they get their merchant accounts through The Southern Institute is seamless integration with many of the top gun dealer software suites. This makes accepting firearm point of sale payments directly or through a payment gateway a breeze. The merchant accounts The Southern Institute offers are compatible to and can integrate with a variety of software platforms used for payment delivery. Plus, the merchant accounts are also compatible wide a wide array of CRM platforms, software suites and payment gateways. This makes accepting and transferring payments very easy.

Four Firearms Business Merchant Accounts

The Southern Institute offers an entire spectrum of merchant accounts for gun shops and other types of firearms industry businesses. They include:

1. Retail
2. Mobile
3. eCommerce
4. Virtual Terminal


With retail firearms merchant accounts, the businesses are able to accept face-to-face transactions using credit and debit card through a point of sale, wireless or traditional credit card terminal. This includes retail settings like hardware stores, outdoors products stores, gun stores, gun ranges and concealed carry training facilities as long as they have an internet connection that’s reliably wired.


Firearms businesses that have mobile firearms merchant accounts can accept debit and credit card payments using an iPad or cell phone attachment. This type of merchant account comes with a credit card swiper for use with mobile devices. This is ideal for gun related businesses that make the majority of their sales at gun shows and similar events.


An eCommerce merchant account is designed for online sales of firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories. An integrated payment gateway comes with this type of merchant account. These accounts have the approval necessary to be used for eCommerce. They are ideal for firearms accessories manufacturers or any other type of firearms related business that wants to sell products online. This type of eCommerce merchant account has chargeback avoidance technology integrated into its payment gateway because this type of business encounters lots of chargebacks and fraud attempts.

Virtual Terminal

Called payment gateway merchant accounts, this type of merchant account enables firearms related businesses to accept online, over the phone and mail order payments without the use of outside equipment. Its integrated chargeback protection technology keeps down chargebacks and customer fraud incidents.

Customer Service Support

No matter which type of merchant accounts a firearms businesses chooses, they can have it customized for their specific needs. It also comes with 24-hour access to The Southern Institute’s highly-skilled customer service team to answer any questions and provide guidance in the most efficient and effective use of the merchant accounts. They are also connected to gun friendly credit card processors who can expedite the transfer of funds from the customer’s account into the merchant account.

Contact The Southern Institute

If you are a firearms related business that needs a merchant account, visit or call The Southern Institute right away.

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