Get a High Risk Merchant Account From a Company you can Trust

Tired of being told your business is too high risk? It isn’t always easy to find credit card processing for your business. Especially if your business model is classified as high risk. That’s why you need a company like The Southern Institute to get your business the merchant account it deserves.
At The Southern Institute, we give you the financial tools to do business. We offer high risk merchant account products designed for companies of all kinds, and we’re focused on keep your business up and running for the long term.
Let us get you approved for an account today at the industry’s most competitive rates!

Defining a High Risk Business Model

Your business model could be considered high risk if it falls into a category that’s known for high chargeback percentages, high volume, or industries that are known to have increased risks for the bank.
Merchant service providers judge individual account applicants based on their perceived risk. Many completely legitimate industry players, such as legal CBD businesses, document prep services, high-volume drop shippers and travel enterprises, are classified as high-risk by default. If you are in one of these niches you should consider a high risk merchant account.

The Consequences of a Bad Reputation

If your business loses its credit card processing due to high chargeback percentages, or even worse ends up on the black list, many banks won’t want to work with you. What happens after your company gets slapped with a high-risk label? For starters, you’ll have a much harder time finding a bank. Most financial services providers won’t want anything to do with your accounts. The few that do will try to charge you high rates for basic services. Thats why you will need a high risk merchant account for The Southern Institute.

Finding a Merchant Account That Lasts

Our goal at The Southern Institute is to find you a personalized solution, tailored to your business needs. We know the importance to keeping your high risk merchant account up and running. Our merchant accounts are tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and companies that:

  • Struggle to acquire a merchant account with a traditional bank
  • Lost a merchant account due to high chargebacks
  • Need Quick approval and stress-free processing
  • Need a Full-Service provider to get your business back on track

The Southern Institute Specializes in High Risk

We work with businesses in all types of high risk categories. We have a dedicated staff with 25+ years of experience ready to answer in questions you may have about the process. We will help you find the perfect match for your business’s unique needs. We aim to offer the best pricing and service to keep your business running.

Stop Letting Risk Factors Rule Your Future

A bank might designate a company as a high-risk business for many reasons. Besides classifying companies according to their industries, bankers tend to go over the details with fine-toothed combs, which can be an enormous ordeal for your enterprise.

Rethinking Case-by-case Risk Assessments

How does the typical risk assessment experience unfold? During the application process for a normal account, you might be asked to

  • Agree to be liable for account charges that your company can’t pay,
  • Answer tough questions about your operating practices,
  • Provide extra sources of funding or guarantors, or
  • Settle for less-than-ideal account terms.

Traditional risk assessments can be long and unpleasant. What’s more, they can stop you from making important business decisions while you wait to find out whether you’ll be able to secure reliable funding.

Our quick approval process takes the pain out of life. We don’t interrogate you about your personal credit history for hours or ask you to sign over your first-born. By streamlining our processes from the start, we’re able to offer comprehensive services that let you focus on what’s important.

Dealing With the e-Commerce Issue

It’s not always easy to predict how different lending institutions might treat you based on your perceived risk. For example, merely processing transactions via the internet might earn you a black mark because of the increased fraud risk. In the financial industry, risk assessors and corporate lending professionals commonly refer to such online businesses as “card-not-present” vendors.

We don’t discriminate. The Southern Institute team understands that modern business is evolving. We’re prepared to help you keep pace without driving up your operating costs.

Your Business Model Shouldn’t Hold You Back

In some cases, you might suffer by association. For instance, as high-profile data breaches become increasingly common, some lenders naturally shy away from companies that are involved in IT. Similar problems often crop up in fields that are burdened with lots of government regulation and oversight.

Risk is a normal aspect of doing business. Our innovative strategy revolves around giving you the tools to deal with it. With custom solutions based on decades of experience, we provide all of the account products you’ll need to make your business model an asset instead of a weakness.

A High-Risk Merchant Account You Can Get Behind

What can you expect from a Southern Institute high risk merchant account? We offer the same banking services other business financial products do without the hassle. We’ve also included some exciting features that are worth getting hyped about:

Leverage More Affordable Fees

Payment systems depend on fees to work. Still, transaction surcharges should never make you feel shackled to your monthly statement. We’re lessening the burden with competitive rates that you won’t find anywhere else. Even better, we’re completely transparent about our charges.

Equip Yourself With Superior Fraud-screening Resources

Our high risk merchant account services make security simpler. We provide industry-leading anti-fraud tools to keep your customers as safe as possible. Our advanced technology also lets you qualify for better rates and perks.

We Make It Easier to Understand What You Can and Can’t Do With Your Account

Not all merchant accounts are interchangeable. For instance, if you have an online account, you might be penalized for using it to process credit card transactions in person via your terminal. You’ll also have to adhere to basic business regulations.

Misusing your account might mean that you pay more to keep it open. Learn the rules early, and find a payment partner that won’t penalize you for honest mistakes. Our friendly team is always on hand to explain everything you need to know to stay profitable.

Become an Industry Leader

Being responsible is the simplest way to reap the rewards of a high risk merchant account. Using the right financial services provider also helps. We specialize in making banking easier for high-risk companies. Explore the options by chatting with a specialist at the Southern Institute.

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