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CBD merchants and merchants of marijuana products have often had to jump through hurdles to benefit from secure marijuana and CBD credit card processing services for their products, as many major credit card companies have labelled marijuana dispensaries illegal or “high risk” businesses.

The Southern Institute offers marijuana merchants a solution with our reliable marijuana credit card processing service, available to service both medical and recreational dispensaries. We aim to serve as a payment solution processor that both merchants within the cannabis industry and buyers in need of reliable credit processing and payment gateways can trust.

Fill out an application for a merchant account with us today, and read on below to learn more about what The Southern Institute can offer you as a reliable payment processor.

Background on Our Credit Card Processing Service

Reliable Marijuana Credit Card ProcessingWith the difficulty many marijuan

a dispensaries and merchants have faced in finding secure payment processing solutions, the cannabis industry has often had to turn to alternative means of advertising their products. This has l

In some cases, merchants have had to rely on unsecure means of transacting payments, including decisions to resort to accepting only cash transactions, which limits options for both vendors and buyers and cannot ensure the safety and security of the transaction. Merchants within the cannabis industry are often if not always considered “high risk” by most banks, which leaves vendors with limited options.
ed to the creation of numerous fake websites, fake businesses, and the fabrication of vague details regarding cannabis products in order to secure Medical Cannabis payment processing solutions that are reliable for both the buyer and the merchant.

While there are some credit card processing services for marijuana that do exist online, not all marijuana merchant accounts can offer the ideal reliability and security that is needed. In addition, those that are willing to take on the risk of a merchant within the cannabis industry may offer unappealing terms and conditions or otherwise offer staggering rates that can negatively impact your business’s budget.

Finding a merchant account service that can offer secure and affordable credit card processing solutions, then, is essential in order to adequately receive the support that you need as a marijuana merchant. Our payment solutions here with The Southern Institute are available for both retail and e-commerce services, and are designed to be creative, affordable, and reliable to meet the needs of your business.


Serving Businesses of Any Size

We are able to offer merchant accounts to businesses of all sizes within the cannabis industry. Whether starting up or firmly established, our experience with high risk business models – as well as those conventional – has given us the necessary expertise to work with a variety of different merchants based on the details of their businesses.

Your information and payment rates will be secure with us, and with our expert payment solutions available at your service, you will never have to resort to making unsecure transactions with your customers.

Competitive Rates

With a staff of customer service specialists that are dedicated and knowledgeable, we provide our merchants with the opportunity to compare and discuss rates based on the individual needs of your business. The days of settling for outlandish rates offered by our competitors are over. Our transparency and integrity in our endeavors to support reliable merchants within the cannabis industry ensure that you can be confident you have access to rates that are competitive and affordable.

Why Choose Our Processing Service for Marijuana and Dispensaries?

Founded in 1995, The Southern Institute offers several secure electronic payment and consulting services in order to offer solutions that customers can trust. Our leading marijuana credit card processing service takes into consideration the sensitivity of the circumstances by providing transparency with our assistance. No longer do you need to concern yourself with whether your payment will go through, or whether your merchant account is sufficient compared to other services.

We specialize in a number of bulletproof international electronic payment solutions for both E-commerce and retail vendors, as well as high risk business models. Our custom solutions rank us higher than your average merchant account services. For more than two decades we have been working to identify the most efficient ways to help our customers, which has allowed us to perfect the expertise we are able to provide. Our payment solutions are a far cry from cookie-cutter plans and are tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.

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In addition, we offer a competitive industry rate that allows you to feel secure in your choice to choose us as your credit payment processor. Since the company’s inception, we have consulted with thousands of companies in order to identify the most effective ways to reduce the overall processing cost associated with credit card processing. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of any and every merchant who takes up an account with our company.

Our terms and rates have been designed to be a more appealing alternative to the unfavorable options offered by others. We do not force our account holders to consent to additional packages or costly options they do not need, but rather all you to take advantage of our customizable options that we are able to provide. There is no single generic plan that can meet the needs of all marijuana merchants, and we are committed to offering merchant account services that are suitable to meet your needs as a valued customer.

Our customer-centric approach within The Southern Institute ensures that your needs are top priority to us. Traditional banks and even alternative CBD merchant services will either not offer their services to merchants within the cannabis industry or otherwise not offer the options you need.

Our expert underwriters and payment specialists work with you on an individual basis so that we not only understand the details of your particular business, but are also then able to outline what parts of our service may best suit your business model. Rest be assured that you will have dedicated representatives available to discuss your options and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your account with us.

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