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We're in the business of helping customers acquire merchant accounts. Even if your business is considered high risk, we can most likely help. The Southern Institute is committed to assisting a wide range of enterprises in securing the merchant accounts they require to build a sustainable business.

The Southern Institute can get you an approval for a document preparation merchant account.

We help if your business is a legitimate operation that offers clerical services that include the preparation of loan applications and legal documents for your client base.

This sector is one where many struggles to acquire credit card processing services traditionally. However, as an industry leader, we can approve your document prep company. Contact us now to begin the process: experience fast approvals and world class customer service.

Get the Processing Platform You Require for Fast Growth

The document preparation business has a lot of potential, and we're proud to be part of the growth. Companies that can use their credit card processing for their customers have a significant advantage over competitors. That provides them with total control over every aspect of the billing process, including the ability to control chargebacks. Since this industry is a high-volume merchant category, it's possible to mitigate the risk through careful management.

We ensure that you keep fraudulent orders under control. With an in-house Compliance Team, we'll help you defend against all potential financial losses. If you offer recurring billing, this could potentially save you a ton of money.

You get your funds the next day, whether they're for a single payment or on recurring billing. You can easily integrate our system with other essential software in your order pipeline, including your shopping cart and CRM. That's valuable because it will allow having an overview of your transactions at every stage. Excellent cash flow management stems from using a robust processor that provides you with details reporting.

Have You Been Declined Before? We May Be Able to Assist

We attempt to approve every merchant who applies, although it's not always possible. There are certain times when a business problem destroys your banking relationship in a hurry. In these cases, they act fast to shut down the operation to avoid incurring other losses. Even if this has been the case for you, we'd love to try and get you a merchant account. Our primary objective is giving you the best possible customer service so you can realize your business objectives.

There are no good reasons to avoid having a merchant account. The ability to accept payments online means you're offering a convenient and necessary service. Your customers will love dealing with a professional organization who handles their billing correctly. Our platform will ensure that your transactions are flawless so that you have sufficient cash flow to operate smoothly.

Boost Revenue and Increase Customer Satisfaction

There's nothing more essential than credit card processing for document preparation businesses. Apply now to discover if you qualify. If you run a high volume, low chargeback business, you have a high likelihood of getting approval. Jumpstart your revenues with a compelling, feature-rich merchant account that will give an edge over rivals.

Decide on the solution you need. What will it take to power your vision? We have extensive options for you to consider, including the following.

  • Full CRM Payment Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Cloud-Based Virtual Terminals

These powerful tools can push your company to the next level. With the right infrastructure in place, it's common to see doc prep companies skyrocket in sales. Your customers deserve transparency with billing, and that's what they get with these integrations. Experience higher levels of customer satisfaction while reducing chargebacks substantially.

Does your company process any of the following on behalf of clients?

  • Prepare legal forms
  • Contract-related documents
  • Loan applications
  • Financial settlements

If you routinely process any of these, you need to apply for our doc prep merchant account now. We welcome your high-volume account and would love to provide a platform for continued growth. Demands for doc prep services are going to skyrocket in the coming years. Prepare now by getting a comprehensive merchant account to handle the volume.

You're already knowledgable about all the ins and outs of your industry. We understand the merchant account sector. Together, we'll forge an alliance that is profitable and sustainable. The Southern Institute stands proudly behind our doc prep partners and is always looking to add more. Recurring billing can provide a large sum of predictable payments. That makes cash forecasting simpler and profitability higher. Unlock a new profit center just by streamlining front-facing customer services.

Start Now for a Brighter Future With You’re Doc Prep Merchant Account

Documentation preparation is going nowhere but up. With a robust payment solution in place, you'll grow your customer base faster than ever. Your clients are looking for consistent service and details billing information. With the proper features in place, you can experience high-volume with relatively few chargebacks. Your eventual system is only as good as your policies and service. Partner with an industry leader to experience world-class customer support and service.

We're always looking to help excellent merchants get the functionality and service they require. Credit card processing for document preparation is a fundamental piece of the sales funnel that creates a positive user experience. Clients want convenience and clarity with their billing. Services that offer it to them will continue to grow their billing revenues substantially. Find out how The Southern Institute can work with you to increase sales. Join our growing list of happy clients.

Electronic billing has evolved a lot in the past decade. It's no longer challenging to run a successful documentation prep business, due to the robust nature of the merchant accounts. Why settle for less when you can handle transactions yourself? The flexibility offered by having your merchant account makes up for the expense. With the team at The Southern Institute helping every step of the way, you'll find the process to be a pleasant one. Fill out the simple form now to begin your application.

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