Southern Institute

About Us

Welcome to The Southern Institute, a consulting firm serviced by The Steward Group! For a little bit over 20 years, we have consulted with thousands of companies to help them reduce their overall processing costs in the world of electronic payments. We understand the toll credit card processing and check programs have your business, which is why we offer domestic and international solutions to streamline your CBD merchant account.

CBD oil, also known as hemp oil boasts of many good sources and benefits. Due to its high level of antioxidants and proteins, it improves health, fights diseases, and has even been proven to improve mood, hair, and skin. Studies have shown that CBD oil also lowers cholesterol and improves the brain and nervous system. Because CBD is not legal everywhere, it continues to be considered a high-risk industry making it difficult to find reliable merchant account providers.

The Southern Institute


What We Do

Specializing in high-risk merchant accounts, we can help you grow and maintain a profitable CBD account. The biggest dilemma consumers face when opting an account like this one is that if it is ever lost or revoked, no money can be made beyond that point. Not only this, but it will be extremely difficult to apply for a new merchant account afterward.

At The Southern Institute, we help your company meet the requisites necessary to open a CBD merchant account. Because this is considered a high-risk business, it often becomes difficult to find a trustworthy supplier to open your account with. We will go through all the main necessities with you and what you want to consider before becoming a merchant.

A brief overview of these elements includes:

  • Healthy History of Processing
  • High Volume
  • Strong Financial Record
  • Positive Balance
  • Low Chargeback Rate

Our main objective is to set up a solid foundation for you to work with. We are happy to go over any questions you may have with you to give you a complete understanding of how CBD merchant accounts work. When working with us, we help your company grow and climb up the CBD industry ladder. Despite this being a “risky” business, you can expect nothing but superior service from us.

Another essential factor that distinguishes us from competitors is our fraud prevention tools, payment gateway, and banking connections. These three elements ensure our clients business is running smoothly and on the road to success. We invite you to learn more about our services by contacting us online or by phone.

What Makes Us Different

You may be wondering what distinguishes us from competitors. Allow us to share a little bit more about us. Our large understanding of how the CBD industry works has given us the upper hand in comparison with other providers. Our team of professionals is experienced and familiar with state regulations and rules. Experts in this industry, they help prevent fraud and make sure your business stays up to date with regulations to keep it running smoothly.

We take pride in our quality customer service team. Our high-risk experts look forward to working with you and assessing your company in order to help it grow. In the past several of years, we’ve had the pleasure of delivering great service to other industries including travel agencies, debt collections, or fantasy sports businesses. While we offer top of the line support in these areas, CBD merchant services are our specialty and we assure you we will do everything possible to help you grow a strong, solid business.

If you’ve made it to our website, it’s inevitable you are in search of a provider. Look no further! We offer fast payment processing solutions for all of our clients and will diligently work with you from beginning to end to avoid your business from being shut down. High-risk and CBD merchant accounts are our specialties; we guarantee to get you processing in no time.

Give us a call today to connect directly with an account representative who will be more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Exciting to be a part of such a booming business, we plan to further expand the presence and growth of our company. The Southern Institute is continuously finding new ways to better serve you and company. Contact us today to learn more!