Ecigarette Merchant Account

If you plan to sell e-cigarettes and other types of vaping products online, it’s essential to have an ecirgarette merchant account. This makes receiving payments for your products faster and easier. With e cig merchant accounts customers can simply use their credit or debit cards to pay for their purchases and you can quickly have the funds transferred to your bank account. Merchant accounts are a very convenient way for consumers to pay for their ecigarettes and other vaping supplies and enables people with e-commerce online shops to receive their payments quickly and easily.

Unmatched Convenience For Consumers

One of the attractions of online businesses is they allow customers to make purchases from the comfort and safety of their homes. With a few clicks, they can log on to your website, purchase the ecigarettes and other types of vaping supplies they want and have it delivered to their door. With an ecigarette merchant account, the consumer has the convenience of being able to quickly and safely use their debit or credit cards to pay for their purchases. In a matter of seconds the transaction is complete. The speed and convenience with which the transaction is done makes consumers more likely to use your ecommerce site for purchasing ecigarettes again and again.

Very Convenient For Merchants

Being able to quickly receive payment for your products is something every merchant desires. Doing so can be more challenging when you have an online ecommerce website. But arranging for an e-cig merchant account can streamline the payment process and enable you to get your money in a flash. Another reason e cigarette merchant accounts are much to be desired is they enable you to use a secure payment portal. With just a few clicks of your mouse the money is transferred from the credit or debit card account of the consumer to the merchant account. The process is fast, easy and convenient.

Signing Up Is A Breeze

Business people turn to us for a number of reasons when they need a merchant account for their online e-commerce websites. One reason they choose us is because of how easy the sign up process is to complete. For businesses, all it takes is one quick phone call to sign up for a merchant account with us. We simply ask a few questions, garner all the pertinent information we need, answer any questions they have, explain how the merchant account is used and the sign up process is complete. In a very short period of time it’s possible for them to begin accepting online payments.

A Reliable Payment Service

People have chosen us as the company they want to establish a merchant account with because of our track record for reliability and dependability. Not only are we able to set up their merchant accounts within minutes, we are also always available to address any questions and concerns account holders may have. We are always only a phone call or a few clicks of a mouse away. No matter what type of issues account holders have, we have a team of highly skilled, very experienced, customer services representatives and financial services experts who can take care of them in a flash.

Specially Tailored Solutions

We can open merchant accounts for all types of online businesses. Whether you never had a merchant account or the one you have is not meeting your needs, simply give us a call. We can quickly set up an ecig merchant account that will enable you to begin accepting customers’ payments using credit and debit cards. We can tailor your merchant account to meet your specific needs. No matter the nature of your online business or the issues you have had with other accounts, we can work with you to find an effective solution and set you up with a merchant account designed to meet your needs.

Improve The Shopping Experience

One of the keys to success for any online merchant is to improve the shopping experience for their customers. When you get e cig merchant accounts from us, customers are able to shop as much as they want and use a wide range of payment methods. For many customers, having the option to pay for their online ecigarette purchases using the credit or debit card of their choice definitely enhances their shopping experience. This increases the chances they will return to your site whenever they need more e cigs or vaping products. And repeat customers are the life blood of any business.

A Rapidly Growing Industry

Ecigarettes and vaping products is a rapidly growing industry. Over the past decade, these products have been rapidly increasing in popularity. Many people seem to prefer purchasing ecigarettes online. That’s why it’s important to have a merchant account. Businesses with e cig merchant accounts have been able to capture a larger share of the market. Our merchant accounts make it easier to take advantage of the substantial growth in this industry. If you want your ecigarette business to remain competitive, simply give us a call and we will help you set up a merchant account to increase your online sales.

Less Risk

Our merchant accounts help ecommerce online companies receive payments for e cigs and other types of vaping products with less risk. We offer secure payment systems that help to ensure you receive your monies from ecigarettes in the most timely method possible. Our merchant accounts reduce the risk and hassles that some merchants face when they attempt to gather and transfer payments into their accounts. Our expertise and years of experience with merchant accounts enable us to offer merchant accounts that are a breeze to use and make both the consumers and the business owners more comfortable with the transactions.

Compliant With All Regulations

The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 is the primary legislation which controls the buying and selling of ecigarettes and other products and devices used for vaping. Our merchant accounts are fully compliant with all the rules related to commercial activity involving ecigarettes. This means businesses can legally use our merchant accounts to take payments for e cigs and related goods. Plus, the accounts provide the merchants with all the features and tools necessary to ensure all the sales are handled legally. We even provide a useful guide for using the merchant accounts properly to be compliant.

A Variety Of Benefits

Using our merchant accounts to receive payments from the sale of ecigarettes offers seveal benefits. Our merchant accounts are fully compliant payment gateways. They allows online businesses to accept and process customer payments for their ecigarettes using all the major credit cards and debit cards. Plus, with our merchant accounts, scaling transactions is easy and inexpensive. Our simple, speedy setup system allows online businesses to begin processing digital payments almost instantly. Our technical services and customer services teams are available 24 hours a day to provide any type of support you need at no cost. Plus, gaining access to your money is fast and easy.

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If you have and ecommerce website where you sell e cigs and other vaping devices, you need an easy to use merchant account that allows you to accept payments of all types. Our merchant accounts are specially designed to enable you to be able to do so with ease. Plus, opening a merchant account with us is a breeze. In mere minutes you can have your merchant account set up and active. Contact us today to begin our fast and easy setup process.

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