CBD Oil Merchant Processing

CBD Oil Merchant Processing

The use of Cannabis as a legal product for both medical and recreational purposes is increasing at an alarming rate. The rising trend is based on the basis of its advantages and disadvantages. As a matter of fact, the benefits of other products derived from cannabis are also on their way to fall into place — like cannabidiol, known as CBD.

As CBD merchant accounts are a relatively new product, The Southern Institute is here to help the merchants selling health or dietary products that contain the substance and also in finding the credit card processing solutions, they need.

Restrictions Regarding CBD Merchant Processing

Important Restrictions Regarding CBD Merchant Processing

Though, a few states have cannabidiol stand as legal like the legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, there are still some restrictions that merchants must familiarize themselves with-

  • CBD merchants must be based out of one of the 25 states (and District of Columbia) where the use of marijuana is legal.

  • As per the U.S federal government cannabis is considered as an illegal substance. It is the work of the professionals to offer merchant accounts for cannabidiol through international/offshore acquiring banks.

Understand CBD

CBD is a compound extracted from hemp plants that does not hold large amounts of THC considered as the psychoactive/pain killing element in marijuana. A natural analgesic is present in CBD, along with the properties of anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety as well

Payment Gateway Integration For CBD Merchant Accounts

The Southern Institute and its acquiring banking partner approved merchant accounts are benefited with the access to the approving bank’s payment gateway. The banking partners are trustworthy and render a secure payment gateway for all transactions, with which you are required to connect the bank’s API to your website

The Southern Institute Help Desk

While launching a high risk CBD business a situation of difficulty arises at your end in finding a suitable supplier to open your CBD merchant account with. But there is no need to fret as we at The Southern Institute completely understand your problem.

So to increase your chances for opening the required merchant account, here are a few things that you can take into consideration along with our assistance to aid your company achieve the requisites.

As a merchant, you would want to be holding a healthy processing history for a time period of not less than six months. In addition to that, you also need to be a holder of a high volume in order to get the consideration as a valuable investment by a bank.

Eventually, the importance lies in your strong financial record, supporting your company on the basis of trust. We aim at achieving a healthy, positive balance within your business account. Lastly, keeping the CBD merchant chargeback rate low is also a good option.

The Southern Institute Help Desk

The Southern Institute takes immense pleasure in rendering domestic as well as international solutions for all the issues as merchants you may be experiencing within your business. A solid foundation set up for us is made simple. Our CBD merchant accounts are dedicated to enhance the growth of your company so that your parameters go up only on the success charts of this industry. Beating the risk factor, our team takes pride in serving you with top of the line service.

Our add on benefits along with CBD merchant accounts, are fraud prevention tools, payment gateway, and banking connections, assisting us in keeping the smooth running of your business on pace. Our experience in several different areas, count a lot in holding a large understanding of how the CBD industry works. We specialize in managing high risk and CBD merchant accounts and can easily help your business climb the success ladder.

Our Team

A team built with the dedication of highly skilled employees is what we take pride in. The quality services we have been providing are their hardwork. Our professionals are always ready to offer fast payment processing solutions for all our clients. To keep safe from fraud, they make sure that your business abides all state regulations to avoid being shut down.

Our Team

Our high-risk experts are excited to be a part of your business’s success story. Superior customer service skills of our professionals keep the bond strong with clients, making them to come back time after time.Travel agencies, fantasy sports, debt collections, and many other sectors are other industries where our proficient team possesses expertise and works to deliver best services at your end.

We work with only one intention of progressing and strengthening your business. We do everything in our power to nurture a healthy business for you. Call us anytime and speak directly with an account representative from our team at the southern institute, who can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Give our team the privilege of serving you and your business.

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Our main aim is to boost the success of your CBD business by streamlining your merchant account based on a strong foundation built by us. We are planning and working on giving continuity to the expansion of our services around the globe in hopes to make payment processing easier for CBD merchant accounts. We will happily take care of all your issues related to our custom solutions that you might be experiencing.

Contact us and give us a chance. You will surely experience a service like never before. It may be considered as a high risk account in view of banks and other credit card processors, but we are pretty sure and confident that with the continuous discovery of evidence regarding the benefits of CBD oil, they will eventually be taken as a substance with less risk. Explore the services offered by The Southern Institute to avail our CBD credit card processing to streamline your process and help you grow your company. 

Visit our website; easily fill our simple application for merchant accounts. We look forward to your visit at The Southern Institute, to fulfill your need of trustworthy provider with guaranteed quality service.
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