Remarkable Medical Applications of CBD

The remarkable medical applications of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, also known as hemp or cannabis oil are enhancing CBD popularity in the U.S.  Like medical marijuana, severe illnesses can be treated with this beneficial substance.

Due to a lot of regulations on this substance like marijuana, cannabis oil products selling businesses are facing a lot of difficulties in receiving business financial services they need, including credit card payment processing.

The frustration of these legally operating businesses is well understood at The Southern Institute, that how without credit card processing services, their ability to collect payments from customer sales is severely hindered.

High Risk Credit Card Processing

There are various industries and products ranging from online subscriptions to e-cig and vape retailers, categorized as ‘high risk’ in the U.S. and reasons may vary like risky for consumers, risky for banks and credit card payment processing services.

CBD hemp oil products and merchants also come under the high risk category but what differentiates them from others is that they don’t even get a set up with a high risk merchant account today.

Finding Credit Processing Services for CBD

The question is not about the availability of high-risk merchant account providers in the country, they are certainly not under a shortfall, including those willing to take on even the highest risk merchants. The real question is, are they actually able to help?

Rarely happening, some processors can be so hungry that “miscoding” or disguising a business as something that it’s not in order to get the account approved is not out of question.

If something like this happens, the banks take no time in discovering the miscoded accounts and shutting them down. And the CBD merchants are left without a payment processing solution altogether.

The Southern Institute has developed a solution that works for all businesses across the Globe. You can contact us for more details. Merchant account for CBD

Credit Processing Services for CBD
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

The Southern Institute understands high-risk CBD business difficulties, regarding the search for a suitable supplier to open your CBD account with, while the launch process is in consideration.

Now here we are a helping a hand to you, letting you know a few things that you can do to increase your chances of opening an account and how we can help your company achieve these requisites.

As a merchant, you would want to have a healthy processing history of at least six months. To add more, it is important that you hold a high volume in order to be considered a valuable investment by a bank.

Consequently, a strong financial record is important as your base, presenting your company as trustworthy. After all, the aim is to have a healthy, positive balance within your business account and a low CBD merchant chargeback rate is must.

The Southern Institute is dedicated to offer domestic as well as international solutions for all the issues you may be experiencing within your business. Give our CBD merchant accounts a chance to become the booster of your growth that will help your company climb up the success ladder of this industry. Risk factor associated here is not a matter of concern.

Your expectations of quality and top of the line service from us are guaranteed to be met.

Our fraud prevention tools, payment gateway, and banking connections are additional services used, other than our CBD merchant accounts, to keep the smooth running of your business on track and serve you better. Keep the worries aside as you are approaching the experienced in several different areas that hold a large understanding of how the CBD industry works.

We specialize in high risk and CBD merchant accounts to construct your road of success.

The Southern Institute Team:

It is our qualified and dedicated team of professionals, who aid us in providing the services that we do. Holding expertise in their field, these experts endeavour to render swift payment processing solutions for all our clients. They work keeping your business on track with all state regulations, to help prevent fraud and keep your business away from the situation of being shut down.

Our high-risk professionals are excited to meet you, assess your company, and help it grow. Serving proud with their superior customer service skills, they have maintained and kept customer relations which oblige customers to come back time after time.

Hand in hand with CBD merchant account services, our qualified team delivers great service in other industries such as travel agencies, fantasy sports, debt collections, among many other sectors. Your expectations of these services can be explored here with us.

We aspire to see your business growing. The well being of your business is our concern. We work dedicatedly to serve you in the best ways for the growth and expansion of your business. Engage in our services, you will be in a win-win situation.

We request you to give us a call to speak directly with an account representative who can answer all your questions or concerns. With excitement we look forward to be a part your booming business.

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Giving your business a strong foundation streamlining your merchant account, enhancing the expansion of your CBD business is our aim. To make payment processing easier for CBD merchant accounts, we are planning to expand our services all around the world. We welcome happily to handle with care any issue you may be experiencing with one of our custom solutions.

Though banks and other credit card processors may be considering this as a high-risk account, we are confident that with continuous benefits of CBD oil coming to life, they will eventually be viewed with less risk.

For the time being, enjoy our services of CBD credit card processing to streamline your process and help you grow your company.

We request you to fill out an app for a merchant account. If you are dropping at our website, which indicates your requirement of trustworthy provider and we guarantee, you are at the right place. We bring you quality service. Just fill out our easy application for merchant accounts located down below.

We look forward for the chance to work alongside you.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help!